songWRITING workshop Feb 11-12, 2023 in Hillsborough, NC!

Join Jess and Jonathan Byrd for a 2 day Songwriting Workshop in Hillbsorough, NC!  REGISTER HERE

An encore offering! Students will start in the morning with fun writing exercises designed to get us thinking differently. With the teacher’s help, students will find a subject to write about during the workshop. Each teacher will demonstrate song essentials such as melody, story, and structure. Throughout the day, each student will have one-on-one time with an instructor to help develop their song, and plenty of time to work on their song alone. In the evening, we will all come together and share what we’ve done with the group. Everyone will have a chance to give critique and feedback, and these shared perspectives will help the students develop a plan to complete their song- and write more!- after the workshop is over. 

Students should come with whatever they need to write songs. If they play an instrument, they should have one. Everyone is encouraged to have a notebook and pen, even if they tend to write on a device such as a laptop. 

All skill levels welcomed. Absolutely no experience is necessary. We meet everyone at their level.

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